Just Down The Road

April 11, 2012 10.13am

I have walked this road many times before

Down beside the sparkling sea under the sorrowful moon light

This road down memory lanes I don’t care to recall

My feet though walk of their own accord, even though I gave them a good fight.

I fight, I strenuously do

For, I have little hope of ever returning from this trip

I have trudged on for eons looking for someone wholesome and new

But, my sight dim and become clouded under this twilight’s sweep.

My feet is weary and I feel it become wary

The spritely spring losing its bubbly spirit

At the sight of the distance which looms large like a phantom fairy

Clad in darkness and shrouded in mystical myths.

Still these feet keep walking, oblivious of the waves and the flapping branches

Forward and onwards, not dallying while love at the end of the road waits

On this road I have walked before, it doesn’t tarry

Marching on towards love’s mirage and its tantalising treats.

I will hope to find this someone or this place

Without a compass my feet will surely lead me straight

To the point where my heart will find everlasting peace

Where at the bosom of my fair and lovely lady, I am sure I shall forlornly faint.

11.42 am


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September 22, 2011     7.43 am

Praise is what I should do

My voice ringing out in places yours might too

In everything; and everywhere I pass through

My praise songs is less than what I can actually do.


Life is short I do know

But,  teach me to reap only from where and what I sow

To covet not that which isn’t mine

And not lust after luxury and vain goldmine.


Love, honesty and long lost piety

Treasured traits bruised and tainted on this long long trek

Filthy this flowing livery; hanging loose  for want of treasured chastity

A rich vain life soon to become an agonizing wreck.


Please Lord teach my unrepentant soul

To learn and turn from ways foul

This dusty livery hanging loose

Is my cue not to cling to you this loose.

8.02 am


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don’t ever let go of my hand
she said
i won’t, I promise
I replied.

love me and treat me right
she whispered
i would, i will now and forever
I pledged.

you are my back bone
she said
and you, my dear is my soulmate
i told her.

but, there is another girl
she said
I know, it sucks. and that is my greatest fear- that eventually you will want me to relax my grip
I replied.

she looked at me
I looked at her
in that moment
we lived all our lives.

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Of Lost Love, stolen childhood and a flawed youth.

April 10, 2017

10.13 p.m.

I here stand

In my old age looking back

Taking stock of my youth and,

All the loves lost.

images (1)

A youth spent well and fast

Being wild, young and free a double-edged sword

A blessing and yet a curse

Because looking back now I see the ruins.

download (1)

Down, at my feet they lie

The hearts, shattered smithereens of unfulfilled life

And up in my hands I hold

A frigid heart, which once beat fast for a love long lost.


May 3, 2017

1.28 p.m.

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Lost Voice 

April 18, 2017

8.06 p.m.
It’s so lonely where I stand

Between the roaring sea and the hard silent Rock

Behind me, the rock is cold and hard

Below me lies the sea, pliant but just as cold as the silent rock.

I am stood here in my lonely space

Me, myself and my saddened thoughts 

I have cried and made my words whole in hope of peace

But, I wonder if I can ever regain that which is bent on being lost.
Between the rock and the sea

My voice is lost and forever gone

I resign myself to fate for which I yet cannot see

But, my voice still will keep crying till the sun sinks into the distant horizon.

8.18 p.m.

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This piece was so inspirational I broke ranks and put it up on my blog.

I do hope we can all draw some lessons from it and reassess our daily life encounters with others – what impressions of us does everyone we meet go away with?

Wish you all the best, cheers!


It is almost like an unspoken and unconscious prayer for blessings that is already answered. There is no mistake about the level of impact you make in people’s lives when you are kind to them. You will be amazed how people do not forget the way you treated them, even when it was just for a brief moment that you will totally forget about(when it’s from your heart you won’t know that you are doing it because it becomes you and so you can’t tell the difference between being kind and being you).
But this has nothing to do with rewards or religion. It’s just about ‘doing to others what you will like them to do to you’ or simply doing what is right. The peace it gives is so refreshing.

In a few cases, you get in return help coming from strange places when you really need it. Because…

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lost love – Day 1

April 10, 2017

5 a.m.
I thought I would die

The pain of wrenching out my heart 

Great and horrible

But, here I am this morning ready for another shot at life

Even if where once was a heart, now nestles a cold, throbbing stone.
5.32 a.m.

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March 28, 2017

11.46 p.m.

1 –

slowly i am losing my mind
to this darkness silently creeping in at night
crowding and cramping my thoughts
replacing them with incoherent retorts.

2 –

slowly i am losing sight of my love
to the wiles and cunning of a lying tongue
invading our hallowed late night serenades
and whisking away my love into the darkness of the night’s shadows.


March 29, 2017

12.32 a.m

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